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"Why Is It So Complicated?"  We hear this every day from people who are self-employed or on-commission.  You'll feel relief after talking to us.  Banks sometimes turn borrowers down because of almost meaningless details.  And it's true, often people who work for themselves make more money than people with fixed jobs.  That’s a major reason why they work for themselves!  We will tell you very quickly how you can qualify and how much you can borrow.  We know how to present your strengths to lenders!  Click the Button below!

Stress-Free Self-Employed / On Commission Mortgages!

Want help getting the right mortgage? We match your goals with a loan, not the other way around! Personal service, every time!

  • Fixed and Variable Rates (Adjustable Rates)
  • You'll Know Where You Stand Every Step of the Way
  • All Lender Types (from Big Bank to Private-Individual Lenders)
  • Terms from 3 months to 10 years (Renewable)

It was almost too easy, seriously. They gave me an initial estimate of what they could lend. Then they just asked me to have an appraisal done. The appraiser sent them the report (like a couple days later), they emailed me a firm offer, I signed, sent them some docs (nothing I didn’t already have) and that was it. No income verification, nothing like that. I’ll gladly supply this statement for their website."

Larry, from Niagara Falls

Everything came together nicely, what more can I say? As a computer programmer I make pretty good money, but most mortgage lenders seem to be in the ice-ages. They don’t seem to think it’s possible that my clients are in Seatlle, for example, or Vancouver. This shop is fast and on-point, very up to speed with best-practices."

Angelo, from Orangeville

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