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Why should I Refinance?  To refinance a mortgage is easy if you compare different mortgage offerings.  Refinancing means you pay off your existing mortgage with a new mortgage.  There are three reasons why people usually do this.  First is to reduce the interest rate they’re paying.  The second reason is to change the term (the length, the time duration) of the mortgage.  And the third reason is because they want to use the extra cash from their home’s equity.  Which one are you?  If you want a better mortgage, then click the Button below!

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Want help refinancing a mortgage? We match your goals with a loan, not the other way around! Personal service, every time!

  • Fixed and Variable Rates (Adjustable Rates)
  • We Make the Process Really Easy
  • All Lender Types (from Big Bank to Private-Individual Lenders)
  • Get Better Terms (like Prepayment Privileges)

I was totally worried about refinancing because I know my credit had dropped since I went back to do my Master’s degree but MortgageMop really made it simple and a total no-brainer to get everything finished quickly and painlessly."

Marsha, from Grimsby

Really quick turnarounds.  In a single phone call I got more useful information about what they could do than five calls and emails back and forth with other brokers.  No hard-selling with these folks.  I refinanced at 6.99% for my first mortgage.  Might sound high but I have a bankruptcy and my husband just started a consumer proposal.  So pretty darn good I’d say."

Helen, from Binbrook

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