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Will I Qualify for a Mortgage?  Lenders usually need you to have a down-payment of some value.  A down-payment is the amount of money you bring to the table to buy the property.  Think of it as “skin in the game.”  It shows lenders how committed you are to owning the property and paying back the mortgage.  Basically, you bring the down-payment and the lenders give you the rest of the money.  In Canada the minimum down-payment is 5%.  That means on a property worth $300,000, you need a down-payment of $15,000.  Simple, right?

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Good customer service and unless I win the lottery I should be with these folks for years to come instead of banging my head against the wall at the bank!"

Kevin, from Tottenham

What to say?!?! I’d be happy to leave a comment.  So… I filled out the application, Brian called, I emailed him my purchase agreement, he sent me an offer, and the next week I was at the lawyer’s picking up the cheque to complete my home purchase.  If only it could be so straightforward everywhere.  Thanks again Brian."

Jonna, from Huntsville


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