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As MortgageMop's Director, Flavia ensures that everyone follows all the rules, and measures everything she can. Performance to Flavia means "Getting the job done right, the first time." Most days Flavia drives forward both IT & compliance projects - at MortgageMop these two areas are the company's foundational pillars. "Once you get those right, then you can focus on the customer." Other days Flavia improves MortgageMop's systems: borrower communication and disclosure, accounting, bookkeeping, safekeeping of records, licensing, and everything else. She brings a unique background to mortgages. Before entering the industry Flavia worked as a corporate tax lawyer which required meticulous attention to detail: lots of legal technicalities, accounting, computer databases, paper trails. She believes strongly in prevention. This is probably why she runs such a tight ship, which means regular internal audits to make sure MortgageMop is always on its A-game. When not working, she's 90% parent, 10% painter (watercolours).

Brian Robertson, PhD


Licensed Mortgage Broker

An accredited Doctor of Economics, Brian is MortgageMop's Licensed Mortgage Broker. Every day Brian works directly with all three of MortgageMop's business stakeholders: (1) getting borrowers their mortgages, (2) serving realtor partners' mortgage needs, and (3) presenting mortgage investment opportunities to private lenders. Brian's approach is simple because it always gives the borrower priority over the lender. Why is this? Because with Canada's ever-tightening mortgage regulations, borrowers have fewer options with conventional lenders like big banks. On the other hand, lenders have more options than ever before. If asked what his favourite task at work is, Brian would tell you it's talking on the phone, helping people understand their options in plain English. His favourite motto: "Measure Twice, Cut Once" (The Carpenter's Rule).


(Off-site) Communications 

Matt is a rare combination of skills and experience. A lawyer and successful real-estate investor himself, Matt lives in Berlin, Germany, where he divides his time between working offsite for MortgageMop (4 hours per week), driving the company's digital media and marketing strategy, and working on his home turf, designing speeches (as an independent, global, professional speechwriter) for multinational executives (usually at the C-level, CEO / Managing Director). It was Matt's success with digital media that beckoned him to transition away from active law practice and focus on marketing publishing (copywriting, content creation, and content marketing). A lover of all things Canadian since first visiting Toronto in 2011, Matt fits in well in here with his no-pressure approach to serving clients for the long term. His approach is "Give them [clients] everything they need and offer to do the heavy lifting." Matt completed his law degree and was "called to the bar" in 2004. He worked for two years at a Provincial Court before moving into private practice and legal publishing, something which, in his words, was invaluable: "If you want to understand the law, spend time at court." Matt is a specialist in Press (Media) Law, Intellectual Property, and Labour Law. When not working, Matt is an ocean sailor (he has crossed the Atlantic) and an advocate of clean oceans initiatives and "beach sweeps."