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What is a Home Equity Loan?  It’s a type of mortgage, plain and simple!  Also, these loans often have fewer requirements of the borrowers.  That means the borrower can have great credit, or damaged credit, be employed or self-employed (or even unemployed), and so on. You can use the cash for anything you want.  That can be for personal projects, education financing, debt consolidation, home repairs & renovations, etc.  If you own a home and want some financial flexibility, it’s a loan worth considering.  After all, it's your home equity!

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Want help choosing a home equity loan? We match your goals with a loan, not the other way around! Personal service, every time!

  • Fixed Rates Usually Far Better than Credit Card Rates
  • We Make the Process Really Easy
  • All Lender Types (from Big Bank to Private-Individual Lenders)
  • Lump-Sum Loans for $10,000 and Up

It's my home and I feel homeowners equity is theirs to use as the person pleases. The bank that I've been with for 16 years put me through a meat grinder with their application and in the end denied me access to my homes equity. Mortgage Mop gave me three options within a couple days and it was an easy choice to make. I also like being able to call somebody and speaking with a person. As a homeowner you can use your home equity for anything you want to."

Lynn, from Aurora


Fast responses, easy to get straight answers.  No issues at all.  I plan to definitely use them again next year."

Chitram, from Midhurst

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