Debt Consolidation

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"My Situation is Unique..."  We hear this every day!  And it's true, no two debt consolidation mortgages are the same.  Do you own a home?  If so, and as long as you have enough equity, then you can bring your other debts together into one payment.  Those debts can be credit cards, existing mortgages for refinance, CRA tax arrears, personal debts, property taxes owed, you name it.  Has your credit score suffered recently?  Many lenders are not interested in income or credit history.  These mortgages merge debts to lower your monthly payments.

Stress-Free Debt Consolidation Mortgages!

Want help consolidating your debt? We match your goals with a loan, not the other way around! Personal service, every time!

  • Fixed and Variable Rates (Adjustable Rates)
  • We Make the Process Easy and Confidential
  • All Lender Types (from Big Bank to Private-Individual Lenders)
  • Get Relief from Unmanageable Debts

I was searching and searching for options to bring my debts together and it was just draining.  MortgageMop made it painless and fast.  The whole process was complete with them before many of the other people I had contacted even got back to me with proposals."

Olga, from Oakville

The lender Brian set us up with made everything easy to understand—basically one payment per month and we use the funds he made available to us to pay off the debts we agreed to pay off.  Saved us a lot of time."

Matt, from Whitby

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