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Great Start!  You’re discovering your mortgage options…

Will I Qualify for a Mortgage? Many people think that without good credit, or without enough time in Canada, that you can’t get a mortgage.  But you can!  People with damaged credit can choose from dozens and dozens of mortgages.  Same goes for newcomers to Canada.  If you have bad credit, no credit, or are just getting settled in Canada, there will be a mortgage for you.  You see, many lenders are more interested in either your down-payment (5% and up) or the amount of home equity you own.  It’s time to move forward in life

Stress-Free Bad Credit/No Credit Mortgages!

Want help getting a mortgage? We match your goals with a loan, not the other way around! Personal service, every time!

  • Fixed and Variable Rates (Adjustable Rates)
  • We Focus on Your Options, Not on Your Past!
  • Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure — No Problem
  • Big Bank Lenders, Alternative Lenders, and Private Lenders

You made it so easy for me to understand my options and make a good decision.  And now I have no regrets!  Thanks again"

Marie, from Hamilton

I just can’t believe how easy this was.  From start to finish.  Ten days and I had a cheque in my hands.  If I had only known this before I wouldn’t have wasted all that time (and piles of photocopies of documents) trying with the prime and subprime lenders.  And thank you for the mop!  (I thought you were joking about getting a mop with the mortgage!)”

Janet, from Oshawa

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