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Breaking your #mortgage and switching lenders means two things besides the new rate and terms: a penalty and, if the lender is a federally-regulated financial institution, the stress test. https://buff.ly/2pzr7J4

Insolvencies up 19% in September 2019 from Sept. 2018, the biggest annual gain since 2009. https://buff.ly/2qs77sl

Canada vs. USA: Canadians pay lower income taxes, are more likely to get rich, have way more debt, way fewer savings, way more expensive real estate, are better in shape for retirement, and more open to financial support for low earners. https://buff.ly/2rYpEgt

It would be great if the other big banks also got on board with this: together Teranet, National Bank of Canada, and Statistics Canada are building a Resale Residential Property Price Index. https://buff.ly/379qCq3

What a comeback! Home Capital shares have almost doubled in value in 2019 and are the 6th-best performing stock on Canada’s benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index. https://buff.ly/376buK9

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